• Tandoor

  • Tandoori Chicken (2P)

    Tandoori Chicken (2P)


    Charcoal grilled
    boned chicken
    slowly dipped in spices

    (4P) – ¥1180

  • Sheek Kebab (2P)

    Sheek Kebab (2P)


    Seasoned with spices
    minced chicken and mutton wrapped in iron skewers.
    and baked in a tandoori oven.


  • Chicken Tikka (3P)

    Chicken Tikka (3P)


    Charcoal-grilled chicken meat
    marinated with yogurt and spices
    cut into a bite size

    (6P) – ¥1080

  • Malai Tikka (3P)

    Malai Tikka (3P)


    Slowly dipped
    in yogurt and spices
    Boneless Tandoori chicken

    (6P) – ¥1080

  • Fish Tikka (3P)

    Fish Tikka (3P)


    Yogurt and spices
    Soaked in sauce
    A juicy charcoal grill of Fish Tikka


  • Tandoori Prawn (3P)

    Tandoori Prawn (3P)


    Charcoal-grilled shrimp
    with sour tasted sauce
    of yogurt and spices

    (6P) – ¥1480

  • Tandoori Mix Grill

    Tandoori Mix Grill