• Salad

    • Green salad

      Green salad

    • Kuchumber


    • Tuna salad

      Tuna salad

    • Appetizer

    • Samosa 〈 2-piece 〉

      Samosa 〈 2-piece 〉


      A staple snack of Indian dish.
      The ingredients seasoned with spices.
      Mashed potatoes, green peas, etc.

    • Vegetable Pakoda

      Vegetable Pakoda


      Nepalese-style vegetable tempura

    • Tandoor

    • Chicken Tikka (3P)

      Chicken Tikka (3P)


      Charcoal-grilled chicken meat
      marinated with yogurt and spices
      cut into a bite size

      (6P) – ¥1080

    • Fish Tikka (3P)

      Fish Tikka (3P)


      Yogurt and spices
      Soaked in sauce
      A juicy charcoal grill of Fish Tikka


    • Malai Tikka (3P)

      Malai Tikka (3P)


      Slowly dipped
      in yogurt and spices
      Boneless Tandoori chicken

      (6P) – ¥1080

    • Sheek Kebab (2P)

      Sheek Kebab (2P)


      Seasoned with spices
      minced chicken and mutton wrapped in iron skewers.
      and baked in a tandoori oven.


    • Tandoori Chicken (2P)

      Tandoori Chicken (2P)


      Charcoal grilled
      boned chicken
      slowly dipped in spices

      (4P) – ¥1180

    • Tandoori Mix Grill

      Tandoori Mix Grill

    • Tandoori Prawn (3P)

      Tandoori Prawn (3P)


      Charcoal-grilled shrimp
      with sour tasted sauce
      of yogurt and spices

      (6P) – ¥1480

    • Soup

    • Tomato Soup

      Tomato Soup


      Simple soup stewed with fresh raw tomatoes

    • Chicken soup

      Chicken soup


      Delicious soup stock from chicken
      Cream Soup

    • Daal soup


      Daal soup

    • Tidbits

    • Achar



      Marinated Nepalese-style vegetables

    • Chicken Chilly

      Chicken Chilly


      Spicy Stir-fried chicken

    • French Fries

      French Fries


      Spicy Fried Potato

    • Fried Chicken Liver

      Fried Chicken Liver


      Stir-fry chicken liver

    • MoMo (6 Pcs.)

      MoMo (6 Pcs.)


      Steamed dumplings of minced meat seasoned with Spas.
      It is a typical dish of Nepal.
      Tangy, spicy and juicy.

    • Papad (2 Pcs.)

      Papad (2 Pcs.)


      A thin rice cracker-like spread of
      Moong bean flour, dried
      and baked in a tandoori oven.

    • Shrimp Chilly

      Shrimp Chilly


      Stir-fried shrimp with spicy sauce